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  • Tricks For Talking In College
  • Tricks For Home Talking
  • Tricks For Talking With Friends
  • Tricks For Talking With Parents
  • Tricks For Talking About Your Teacher
  • Tricks For Talking With Shopkeeper
  • Tricks For Talking About Your Proposal

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Hey!!! Guys now i am going to tell you about some tricks, which give great impact to others. Which groom your personality in gathering. first of all i will tell you Tricks for making a place in college. first thing which is most important that is your dressing , you should be well dress , you should have good manners. you have to talk politely and softly . you should help the others and also respect the teachers. you should be follow the rules . these are all the tricks which enhance your in a millions. now i will tell you some tricks for home. firstly you have to respect your parents and love your elders.
Ooo.. yup most important thing is you have to help your mothers in all works. and if you are a boy you have to distribute the work of your dad. you should have polite manners which enhance you in all. now i will tell you about friendship tricks… O.. i know everybody wanna know about these tricks, friendship is a relation which we prefer upper any relation. so guys!!! in friendship we have to keep secrets of our friends . we have to help our buddies , as we listen “a friend in need is a friend indeed” . so now we discuss that what to do for gain the love of your parents .
You should obey them you have to help them in their works . you never refuse them at any cost ‘ when they get old you should take care of them. now my tricks for special students . that what they have to do with their teachers . a teacher always impressed by the bright students so you have to concentrate on your study to be a bright student. you always obey your teachers. you have to listen your teacher with present mind. you have to show great result in the exams or in other activities. so now my tricks is about shopping…. when you go out for shopping you to present your mind and have to choose best thing for you .
You to bargaining during shopping . you have to talkative with shopkeeper’ ahn!!! now there is a twist guys we will talk about “proposal” so listen carefully when a person purpose you if you are interested in him/her you have to accept it rapidly .because it’s a lucky chance for you. and if you are not interested you have to make him/her satisfy that you have no interest . you should not react cruelly because your bad behavior can hurt a person.. and it’s not a good thing. so always keep my tricks in your mind .. these tricks will help you in your life..

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Tricks for Talking about your proposal

Tricks for Talking with friends

Tricks for Talking with parents

Tricks for Talking with shopkeeper

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