What is love

Phases Of Love:

Hey!! Guys i hope you all are enjoying the topics which i have shared with you . Our today’s topic is “what is love” , hmmm i can’t explain in words that “what is love” because there are many thoughts about love. On the other hand love is not topic which have limited explanation . Love start with the starting of world. LOve is the mixture of various feelings which may be for a mother , Father or for a whole and may be only for a person, the feelings of love is depend upon the person who loved by you.

Respectable Feelings Of Love:

We love our mother this kind of love have spiritual feelings, love for a sister have respectable feelings love for a special person may have sexual feelings. So that i can say love is the mixture of feelings which include all the feelings which are present in the world. I will give you some information about love , love is devotion for a person . Love have some stages, first of all love starts with the liking. If u like someone or we like her/his habits we want to get her/him in our life .
In this case love changes into devotion , we profoundly want that person. Love for a mother, we all love our mothers everyone have their own way to express their love. Some people don’t show it and some express it as much they can.

Advise About Love:

As i has told you that love include many feelings care, respect, obey to a person, and the other sweet feeling. If we love someone we take care of her/him, we respect her/him , we can’t refuse her/him for anything. We love her/him more than ourselves .
It’s all is very easy to say but is very difficult to keep for a long time. As we all here that “love at first sight” , love have a another feeling that is attraction . If somebody attract us we name this feeling “Love” . but as i have told you love is devotion. If we have no devotion for a person that’s mean we don’t love that person. Our new generation name these feeling “love”, attraction, liking. If we talk with a person we think that we love her/him. but in my opinion it is only a habit , because it has become our habit.

Today’s Love Priority:

Love make you different from others, if you enjoy the company of someone , you always wait for her/him if you wanna see her/him it means that you are in love. It’s very easy to love someone but really very hard to keep this relation for a long time. You have to make your place in that person’s heart who loved by you. You have to understand her/him , you have to know your lover’s habits and adjust your with him/her. If you do this all you can keep your relation for a long time . Life with the person you loved is very very beautiful and tremendous and charming.

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