Arguments Of  Love On Net :

Hello guys…. today we will talk about a very interesting and Attractive topic that is ^LOVE ON NET^ so there are different thoughts of people about this topic… some people think that love on net having no value mostly old people consider it wrong and the new generation take it positive .
In fact not all the person because every body have their own thinking. Internet is the most spreading source of communication. Now a days every body have knowledge about internet mostly people use it daily and the some people have become addicted of it…
So guys now i will tell you the harm and benefits of love on internet. Now there are a lot of messengers for connecting people the most famous are FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, WHATS-APP and many others. No body can decide that love on net is true or not..first of all we can fall in love easily but can’t keep it for long time because we always has a fair in our heart that the next person deceiving us.
We can’t be satisfied on the other hand it’s really common to believe any one but is not easy to keep it as was in the starting. We don’t know the next person is telling true , we don’t know about his/her family background even we have no confirmation that he/she is a person that he/she is showing.

Guidance Of Love On Net :

Education Job Name Cast even his/her gender can be fake… so before falling in love we have to conform all his/her data that he/she told you. And i admitted that love want no reason “love is blind” but only love is not necessary for servicing for the whole life.. if we love someone we want to marry with him/her. For getting married we have to know about him/her and we can’t be know all these things on internet .
We have to talk in reality, we have to know that he/ really loves you. In this girls are more emotional than boys..a girl always sincere with his love one, in the case of boys we can’t say as before because boy consider it flirt and a girls consider it love. Because of these thing this is give negative sense. But many of people take it positive for example a girl found a boy on Facebook he saw his picture like him and the boy also starting love her .
They fall in love then they starting loving each other after that they get married. And spending their happy life. Because they never tell a lie with each other. So guys i will suggest you if you really interested in someone you have to tell true about yourself then everything will be fine.. and if told a lie then nothing will be fine . Love is amazing feeling which make you different from others so don’t make it a bad thing by your lies. It’s my advice for you all.





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