How to Make a Fantastic First Impression

First Impression:

Hello guys I’ll give you some tricks about “How to Make a Fantastic First Impression” this is very compulsory thing for a person. Especially for that peoples who are job holder or students or a social workers. First of all when will you meet with a person you have to say salaam or hand shake but in Asia women do not touch the opposite sex but in America or in western side this is so common to shake hand on first sight. And be confident when you meet someone. Do not be jolt to say salaam, Namaste, or hello to new people. By your body language anybody can judge your personality, your nature, your style and your confidence as well. If you do not sit straight and do odd behavior the onlooker can easily observed that you are not contented. Always sit with the confidence and be active and humbly answers the questions. Keep your hands in your lap or on thighs if you want to show that you are relaxed never bite your fingernails or do odd things it will show that you are uneasy.

Real Personality Impression:

Do not behave like a non-living thing do that you want to do say that you want to say do not hide your real personality. Because wise people can judge you in a second that you are doing artificially or naturally. So do that whatever you want to do. You have to make a necessary but limited smile on your face which will show your superior nature. And also don’t be over frank that will make you a fake person. Don’t be rude with the people. When you talk with a person you have to forget all the suspicions and tension. Don’t carry your tension between your meetings. Make eye contact with the person you are talking make him/her realize that you are interested in her/him talking. Don’t feel them ignore it will show your dreadful habit. Keep a smile on your face and take interest on the other one. Your getup presented you and your thinking also. If you’re women you have to think about your modesty. And always be dress up of clean clothes.

Dress Impression:

Your dressing is the first fact on the onlookers. This is the presentation of your personality. Always wear dresses according to the function in which you are. Use perfumes that like by others only not by yourself. When you close your meeting you have to make sure that you enjoyed it and also say him/her that you spend good time with him/her. Say good bye and some good wishes also. Every one wants to know he/her good well or not. So send text about the date when you reached home.

Fantastic First Impression

First Impression

good  Impression

First Impression

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