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Respect your Parents:

Hello guys today I will teach you that how to “respect your parents” I hope you will follow me and learn that how to respect your parents. Parents are the priceless gift for all of us from the GOD. So we have to take care them and respect them without thinking about any benefit.

  • 1: prove them your priority above anything. Make realize them that they are special for you and they have a lot of value in your life. Anything does not loving for you above them.
  • 2: Always call them by the names which names liked by your parents like abbu’ammi , mama’papa, baba’amma , mummy ‘daddy etc. because the will like to listen these beautiful names from you.
  • 3: Always talk with them very politely and slowly don’t shout on them, don’t use harsh word when you are talking with your parents. Select your words very suspiciously when you have banter with your parents.
  • 4: When they feel alone or bored you should make a plane of picnic. Choose the place which they are like to visit. Always make their decision your priority.
  • 5: Don’t tell a lie with them.  Make them believe that you have trust on them. Always tell them true. Don’t hide anything from them.
  • 6: If they did a mistake avoid laughing at them.  Don’t feel them that you are better than your parents.
  • 7: If you are tired or getting bored don’t show it in the presence of your parents.  They just want your attention so please give it to them.
  • 8: When you say prayer keep your parents in your prayers as is it possible. Always beg their long time life and healthy life also.
  • 9:  If they did anything wrong don’t shout on them or speak rudely with them just use polite manners with them. Correct their mistake and hide it from others.
  • 10:  Parents are the great personality in your life so doesn’t tease them by making that you are not respecting them. Always sit carefully in front of your parents.
  • 11: Fell them proud when even they don’t think that they deserve it. Make them realize that you think that they are able to show their proud on your success.
  • 12: Avoid evident at them, when you are sitting in the gathering.
  • 13: When food is ready to eat avoid eating before them. Wait that when they will eat. Eat after them. It will make them happy. It will show your respect for them.
  • 14:  When you going with them avoid crossing them. Evade walking in front of your parent. If you will walk ahead them it will show your disregard and it will make them sad.
  • 15: When you have a conversation with your parents evade shouting on them or raising your voice at them. Speak slowly and lightly with them.
  • 16:  When they are present give them the power of headship. It will make your parent pleased and self-importance. It will show the greatness of you.
  • 17: If they guide you or advice you for anything accept it. Don’t refuse it and don’t demonstrate them that you are very wise even than your parents.
  • 18: The things which liked by them evade give bad comments for them, Or biting or break them.
  • 19: Respect them on every step of their age. Don’t feel them that they are getting old and getting weak. Make yourself their strength.
  • 20: When they are busy in a conversation or talking with anyone else or with you avoid to cutting them when are speaking. Listen them and then tell them that what you want to say.
  • 21: If they are talking to you don’t condemn their estimation and their view. It will show your respect and love for them.
  • 22: Always give them their time don’t make them realize that they are alone. Sit with them and listen them. Share your feelings with your parents and listen their feelings respectfully.
  • 23: When you are talking with them avoid to talk about side conversation or the topics they don’t like. Talk about the topics which they like.
  • 24: When they are happy don’t mention terrible and excruciating memories from the past which they have approved.
  • 25: If they repeat a thing persistently don’t feel teasing.  Listen them like it’s the initial time they tell it.
  • 26: You have to always remember that all things which they did for you. Keep them in your memories it will help you to give them a lot of respect, which they are really deserve.
  • 27: Always treat well their friends and loved once it will show your good manners and love for your parents, speak well with their relatives.
  • 28: When you are with your parent and having conversation with them avoid using phone in their presence. Give your whole attention towards them.
  • 29: when they are with you pay your full attention. Listen that what they are saying.
  • 30: If they are ill get them to a doctor. Take them their medicines at regular intervals.  Take care about their diet. Take care of them as well you can take.
  • 31: Celebrate their birthday if they like to celebrate. Gifted the things which they like most. Invite the persons which liked by them. Do what they like.
  • 32: Always look at them with a lot of respect; keep your eyes lower when you are talking with your parents.  Don’t do miss ‘behave with them.
  • 33: always admire them for their good behave and for their skills. It will show their values in your life. Show them that you love them a lot.
  • 34: Carve up happy and good news with them all the news they like discuss with them. Believe them that you are the best friends of them.
  • 35: IF you listen a bad news avoid sharing it with them. Always hide that thing from them which can hurt them. Don’t hurt them at any cost. Feel them that they are the specialist person for you. ALLAH bless them and give them happy and longest life (AMEEN).


Respect your Parents

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