Arranged Marriage

Marriage Is Compulsory In ISLAM:

Hello buddies today we will discuss that is ^ Arranged Marriage Is Not Forced Marriage^ get interest that wedding is the devout relation which permit us to have right on our life partner. in our society arranged marriage is very common really successful. mostly people in our society have believe on arranged marriage, but the new generation consider it burden new generation have no believe on their parent’s choice. They consider it forced marriage. .. But it’s not good thinking. Every religious allow his cohorts to get married. Marriage is compulsory in ISLAM; same as ISLAM every religious allow his persons to get married. In our civilization there are two kind of wedding first is  ARRANGED MARRIAGE” second is “love marriage “ Arranged marriage is that kind of marriage in which the family members decide the life partner for you.

Understanding Before Marriage:

As we can understand that in arranged marriage there is  no understanding before marriage After marriage we starting know about him/her. There are also some responsibilities of a  husband, he have to respect his wife he have to fulfill all your  wishes and requirements. He have to spend his time with her . Because a girl left her home  for her husband so a girl become more sensitive after her wedding. So it will become a duty of him to make smile on her wife’s face. If he take his responsibilities properly  then he become a ideal husband . They have to believe each  other they have to understand each other these things lead them believe that their marriage is not a forced marriage . The love which starts after  can’t be less at any cost.

Husband & Wife’s Relation:

Love is very compulsory in any relation but especially in husband & wife’s relation love play a important role .A husband always love that kind of wife which obey him and live like a delectable “house  wife” a house wife always make a special place in his husband’s heart. On the other hand  the duty of a house wife is very difficult she have to do all the works of home, she have to obey her parents in law , she have to care about all the family and after done  these responsibilities she have to  make a smile on his husband’s face when he come to home after a  long duty of his job.

Life As a House Wife:

She have to look tremendous and stunning for his husband. So the  girl who change her life as a house wife always can be happy and also can spend his life  easily with his husband. . These things attract his husband to her and love her. It shows that if we accept the arranged marriage so we can make our worlds a beautiful heaven  And can prove that arranged is more successful than love marriage. Our parents always think right for us they can’t do bad for us. They want to see us happy then how can they choose bad partner for us. So you have to believe on your parents choice.

Love In Arranged Marriage Is Not Forced Marriage

Forced Marriage

 Arranged Marriage Is Not Forced Marriage With Cartoon

NIce Arranged Marriage Is Not Forced Marriage

Arranged Marriage Relation

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Understanding Arranged Marriage Not Forced Marriage

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