Beer Pong Party 4

Beer Pong Party Theme

Hey! Do you like Beer Pong Game?  It’s very easy to play and very interesting by its rolls. We (me and my friend) always play this game when we free. Beer Pong is one of the highest Beer Pong is actually an physical game of drinking which is depends upon two teams Every team consist of just one person. This Beer Pong game is also known as Beirut

Beer Pong Party Decor:

In Beer Pong game is held between two opposite teams (Who throw tennis balls in to the 6 or 10 cups which are arranged in an triangle).  First player throw the tennis balls one by one into the cups if ball fall into the cup that cup may remove from the contest(The ball is thrown by the opposite player). If 2 balls are land in same cup it may collect in worth 3 drinks.

Beer Pong Party Games:

When the game moving to end the opposite team drank all the cups and if they won more then one contest they may change the drink. You must keep trying and playing until no one cup remain.
You can restart the game with different shapes of cups area and with other flavors of drinks. So dear i hope you have understand total method of game and aware about its rolls. So let’s start playing this game at your home and enjoy drinks.

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Beer Pong Party 1

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