Animal nail art (5)

Girls if you interested to make your nail amazing just try nail art on the nails it will effectively enhance the beauty of nails. Nail art is become trendy fashion now a days. Stylish and modish girls love to do nail art. Mostly college going girls like to attempt funky nail art here I am introducing you animal nail art which also known as funky nail art. You can any type of nail art its depend on your choice and talent that how type of nail art you can attempt. Animal nail art looks so cute and sweet. College going girls like to apply these types of nail art because it looks funky and having bright color in it. Nail art having very trendy value it becomes the need of fashion nail art increase the uniqueness of hands. Fancy simple whatever you want you can apply on your nails.

Butterfly Nail Art:

Beautifully made nail art looking like butterfly wings. Very neatly and fantastically done butterfly nail having three color one is black and other is bright yellow and third is white. Firstly apply yellow nail paint then put black nail paint make a design like butterfly’s sings then dot dots in white color on the top of nails. Let it be dry after that apply base coat nail paint. Finally you will get a nail art like butterfly which look awesome.

Animal nail art (4)

Cow Nail Art:

Very nice and cutely design this nail art having very sweet look. Modish teenage  girls like to do these type of nail art. firstly apply white nail paint on the every nails then make heart like structure on the nails with black nail paint except middle finger.  After this apply pink nail paint on the middle finger like half circle then dot two dots on the bottom of nail then on the top of nail. You will see a cute cow nail art.

Animal nail art (3)

Cute Cat Nail Art:

Sweetly Design nail art is looking fantastically amazing. Cat nail art having three colors one is pink second is black third is white. For making this firstly apply pink nail paint on the every nail. Then make a circle on the middle finger at the top then make two triangle on that circle it will look like cat face for making it perfect make eyes and nose on the face. It will totally like look cat. Then make foot of cat on the others finger for making foot dot a big dot then tree little dots it will give the foot like shape. Let it be dry must try this at home.

Animal nail art (1)

Honey Bee Nail Art :

For making this terrific nail art apply base coat on the nails let it be dry then make French on the top of nails with yellow color except one finger. When it get dry dot many dots on the top of nail and make a honey bee on one finger with yellow and black color. Apply yellow nail paint on the finger you excepted then make two line on the bottom and on the mid of nail after this make French on the top with black nail paint. Make eyes on this. You neatly done it step by step very trendy nail art for modish girls.

Animal nail art

Awesome Animal Nail Art:

Very colorful and unique nail art represent here for you. Having very amazing color combination blue’ sky ‘ purple and black. For making this firstly apply black nail paint then structure of three color blue ‘ sky and purple very amazingly beautiful nail art is ready here just let it be dry and ready for get amazing comments about this nail art. I hope you will like this collection of nail nail..

Animal nail art (2)

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