Importance of Niqab

Hijab in Islam

Hijab & Niqab In Islam:

Islam Allow to wear niqab and Hijab when any Muslim Women is going outside from the house. Some wear long dupatta, hijab, burqa and niqab at the time of traveling. Islam have some rolls for muslim people and Aalhamdullillah Muslim people are doing their every work according to Islam and Aswah-e-Hussna of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).

Islamic Views about Niqab and Hijab:

Islamic people always wear hijab and burqa and also give ideas to the other people to wear it. Because everyone is come in this world alone and will die alone so don’t think and the comments of people about you. Just live according to the islam and Holy Prophet’s life.


Hijab in Islam (2)

Hijab in Islam (3)

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