meaning of True Love In Islam

Meaning Of Love:

Our today’s topic is “MEANING OF LOVE”, hmmm I can’t put in plain words in words that “what is love” for the reason that there are many judgment in relation to love. On the other hand love is not topic which has narrow enlightenment. Love start with the preparatory of world. Love is the combination of various feelings which may be for a mother, father or for a intact and may be only for a person, the feelings of love is depend upon the person who loved by you. we love our mother this kind of love have divine feelings, love for a sister have highly regarded feelings love for a special person may have sexual feelings. So that I can say love is the mixture of feelings which incorporate all the feelings which are present in the world. I will give you some information about love; love is devotion for a person.

Information About love:

Love have some stages, first of all love starts with the liking. If u like someone or we like her/his behavior we want to get her/him in our life. In this case love changes into devotion, we profoundly want that person. Love for a mother, we all love our mothers everyone have their own way to express their love. Some people don’t show it and some communicate it as much they can. As i have told you that love include many feelings care, respect, obey to a person, and the other sweet feeling. If we love someone we take care of her/him, we reverence her/him; we can’t refuse her/him for anything. We love her/him more than ourselves. It’s all is very easy to say but is very difficult to keep for a long time. As we all here that “love at first sight”, love have another feeling that is magnetism. If somebody attract us we name this feeling “Love”. But as i have told you love is loyalty. If we have no fidelity for a person that’s mean we don’t love that person. Our new generation name these feeling “love”, attraction, and liking. If we talk with a person we think that we love her/him. But in my opinion it is only a habit, because it has become our habit.

Enjoy The Company Of Someone:

love make you different from others, if you enjoy the company of someone , you always wait for her/him if you want to see her/him it means that you are in love. It’s very easy to love someone but really very hard to keep this relation for a long time. You have to make your place in that person’s heart who loved by you. You have to understand her/him, you have to know your lover’s habits and adjust your with him/her. If you do this all you can keep your relation for a long time. Life with the person you loved is very beautiful and marvelous and delightful. This is the love which we feel for a human the meaning of a true love in ISLAM is the love for ALLAH AND for their PROPHET (P.B.U.H). The meaning of true love in ISLAM includes the many things, like following of the rules of ISLAM, obey the ALLAH PAK. Keep fast, say prayers, give ZAKAT etc. these all things show your love towards ALLAH PAK.

True Love In Islam

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