story of karbala

Mini Information about the Battle of Karbala:

Hazrat Hussain was the son of Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib and Fatima Tu-zahra the daughter of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). He fought for Saving the Din-e-Islam of her Nana (Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad BPUH) in Karbala. Karbala is situated in Iraq. The battle was held between the Small group of Hussain the grand son of Muhammad and the larger group of enemies, the force of Yazeed. All member(voter) were killed during this battle, including Hazrat Ali Akbar (Who was the young son of Hussain), Hazrat Ali Asgar (only 6 months old baby of Hazrat Hussain), Hazrat Abbas (Gazzi), Oun -o- Muhammad (7 and 10 years old) the Sons of Hazrat Zainab (Sister of Hussain and Grand daughter of Muhammad SAW) and many other people of Hussain’s group meanwhile many Islamic women and children are grasp as inmate. Hazrat Abid who was seriously ill also taken with them on the night of 10 Muharam-ul Haram (Youm e Ashura), That night is known as the night of Sham e Gareeban. Enemies burnt the Khaimas Of remaining Islamic Women and other peoples, tied them (with Handcuffs and feet cuffs) and hold them with their Before the Yazeed.

Hazrat Imam Hussain:

10 Muharram is very value able date in Islamic Calender on this Day Hazrat Imam Hussain Was Shaheed. After bearing the all soul thunder demonstration He hold himself and went for the battle on 10th Muharram after his fajar prayer with his 32 horsemen and 40 infantrymen companions.They fought with courage and killed a numbers of opponents. Both continuous attacked each other for long time. Many companion of Hazrat Hussain also Shaheed and injured it was evening time( the time for offering Asr Prayer)  Hazrat Imam Hussain asked for the permission of Offering the Asr prayer the Shimar gave permission to him to pay here Asr Prayer. Hazrat Imam Hussain start offering the prayer of Asr when he went in Sajda, Shimr ibn Dhiljawshan said  “I swear by God that I am cutting your head while I know that you are grandson of the messenger of Allah and the best of the people by father and mother”. He take of his sword and Cut off the head of Hazrat Imam Hussain Ibn Ali In sadja and Raised the Head.

Karbala Route Map to of Hussein in story of karbala

story of karbala and zuljanah

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