Eid Al Adha wallpaper

Eid ul Adha Muslims

Celebrated On 10th Zil Hajj:

As you Know Eid Ul Adha is our religious festival. Actually When Allah command the Hazrat Ibrahim to devote as sacrifice his dearest thing in the world for Allah. He thought that i have just one thing in the world which is very dearest for me that is my Son, He went to the jungle told his son that “Allah Wants your Sacrificing” Hazrat Ismael Agreed and told his father to do what he had been Commanded and Inshallah You will find me very Patient (Sabeer). Father Took Ismael with him and reached in ground. Abraham close eyes with the piece of cloth ad Attempted for cutting the Ismael neck.

Sacrifice Halal Animals On Eid:

When he opened his eyes he was staggered to see that his son the unharmed and there is an dead rum before him where his son was laying However Abraham passed his test by Allah therefore, Muslims Sacrifice Halal Animals like, camels, cows, goats, rum etc on 10 Zil Hajj. There are two Eids of Muslims in an year one is celebrated on 1st of Shawal and second Eid is celebrates on 10th Zil Hajj. Eid prayer is perform in mosques, grounds, gardens and in grass able area. Every rich Muslim person buy a Permissible cattle for sacrificing on 10th Zil Hajj. We are very lucky Because we are in the All of Hazrat Muhammad SAW Who is very close to Allah and On the day of Qayamat He will surly prove our great well wisher INSHALLAH.

Eid ul Adha wallpaper

Eid ul Adha in islam

Eid ul Adha animals

eid ul adha sacrifice

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