Black & White Eyeshadow Combination2

Guidelines About Black & White Eyeshadow:

Everybody, now i have amazing topic especially for girls “Black & White Eyeshadow Combination” , everybody want to look gorgeous and adorable. Black & White Eyeshadow Combination eyes give you a sexy and hot look which make you different from other women. Here a lot of pics which guide to a best beautician for yourself 😉 First of all i will tell you the main concept. When you wanna go out or in the party you become worried that what to do so don’t worry i will guide you , first of all wash your face then clean it with the soft towel. Take some concealer and apply it on whole eye and lower eye area.

Brush Apply It On Eyelid:

Now brush apply it on eyelid then smash it by the help of brush make a smasher edge on the lid-edge then complete it on the eye-crease then take gray eyeshadow and apply it on the other part of lid smash that two color very smoothly. Now take a soft color and apply it on the brow-bone and silver color on the highlighter. Now chose a eyelash which you want and snip it on the upper lash line.
After this take a base mascara (should be in white color) , use a eyelash curler then apply black mascara which enhance your eyelashes. Now apply black eyeliner on the upper lash line give it shape that you want now apply this on the ,lower lash line , by the liner enhance your tear duct. take gray eyeshadow and apply this on the lower lash line … OMG it will give a fabulous look your eyes will look sexy…!

White- Silver Color Used:

Here is collection of Black & White Eyeshadow Combination you can see these pics and can learn this from this. In the picture you can see the eyes in gray with the small touch of brown. The color which use in that are dark brown, light brown and a lot of gray with the highlighter. This is full smokey makeup. The Black & White Eyeshadow Combination. You can see in this pic. Black color cover the eye-lid and the white- silver color used for highlight the upper area of eye. Black eye-liner also enhancing it very well. in this picture every step you can see very well first of all apply white eyeshadow then black eyeshadow with the help of brush and smash it smoothly.
Then apply eyeliner on the upper and lower eye line. Now apply mascara your Black & White Eyeshadow Combination is ready :) In this picture you can see that how to apply eyeliner take a brush and apply concealer on the eye then light brown eyeshadow on the crease and now take eyeliner brush make edge on the upper eyeliner and finish it on the lower eyeliner.. Your beautiful eye is ready.

Black & White Eyeshadow Combination

Black & White Eyeshadow Combination3

Black & White Eyeshadow Combination4

Black & White Eyeshadow Combination5

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