Manicure with nail peint

Tips For Hands and Feet:

In daily life we clean our teeth, wash our face and sterilized our sensitive parts of body but we can’t give proper attention to our feet and hands. For your help in cleaning your hand, nail and feet we uploaded some Manicure Pedicure tips. Which remove the unsterilized material. Just check and read straightforward all tips of Manicure Pedicure. These instruments are simply done at home.


Manicure is defined as the chemical or cosmetics treatments of hands in which shaping of nails, cutting of extra unusable nails and cleaning of hands for smooth skin is includes. The nails of teenager and college girls are also smooth but they also need to clean them quotidian or weekly. Sometime you feel your nails are become more harder and express yellowish shade which can case to dull the beauty of nails. for this hand problems doctors are also suggests many useful ideas. Olive oil is one of the powerful oil for the nails which helps the nails to be soft and fine. Take 3 spoon of Hydrogen per-oxide,one spoon of ammonia and mix it apply it on your hands by the help of cotton. After 3 to 5 minutes wash your hands and dry them. Before sleeping apply cream or olive oil on your hands. Try that you may use this treatments after every 15 days. This may safe you from dirty germs.


The care of feet is by cosmetics or or herbal treatments is called pedicure. When we are trying to pedicure our feet. We should must focus on our nails, entire foot parts because pedicure is especially done for re-rise the beauty of feet. Home made treatments for feet are also very useful but the pedicure by cosmetics is very best for your feet. Cut your feet nails and make their shape. Also take here some olive oil on your feet and clean after 15 minutes after it apply lemon juice and vinegar’s mixture on your feet just for the 10 to 15 minutes until soaks and wash your feet. For best result apply cream or olive oil on your feet at night time.

Picture Idea Of Manicure:

Manicure  tretment

Spa Procedures for Hands. Luxury Manicure concept

Manicure of hands

Manicure  tips

Tips Of Pedicure In Picture:

Pedicure with nail polish

Pedicure tretment

Pedicure ideas

Pedicure of foot

Pedicure tips

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