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Jewellery Earrings In Different Shape!

Hello Girls no personality in a gathering. Earrings is most using jewellery in the world. Young , married and old means every age of girl can wear it. There are millions types of jewellery earrings W we will talk about “jewellery earrings”. As you know this is the need of fashion. Without jewellery earrings You can’t be look perfect . jewellery earrings groom your in metal , in gold , in silver and in diamond also. Today we are going to talk about “jewellery earrings” which is artificial but beautifully designed.

Ferozi Jewellery Earrings:

This is tremendously design earrings which is very adorable and fantastic. This is long in length and having beautiful shape. It’s structure having golden color and silver stones are snip in it a big ferozi stone is present in the middle and a ferozi stone fall below the earrings. This is very unique in shape. You can wear it on any function especially on a wedding function .

Grey jewellery earrings:

This earrings have cockroach shape design, Which making it different. This is start like a mouth of cockroach and a black stone making it little horror and in a mid there structure like chest bones. It’s in grefall below the Earring like a tail. This is very different and amazing color and silver stones are fitted in it. In the middle of bone like structure there is a line in golden color . A mehroon color stone design. I am sure that mostly girls will like to wear it.

Star jewellery earrings:

This earrings have star shape is is designed as a star fish. This is in silver color and having golden buckle behind it. This earrings are fully silver and having pink stone in the center which giving it nice look. There are also silver stones around the pink stone. This is a shiny earrings which will be look more shiny in the lights, And will attract the people towards you. You can wear it on night function.

Golden jewellery earrings:

This earrings are in golden color upper part of this earring is in circle form there are three silver stone on the front , there are two cross little rings in the mid of earring which joining the lower part with upper part. Lower part consist of a bol which is fully decorated by silver stones. This is very unique and profoundly tremendous.

Heart jewellery earrings:

This is in heart shape . The shape of this earrings giving it romantic look. :) This is full silver and a lot of silver stones snip in it there is a little lock which is also in silver. This is very nice and beautifully designed earrings. . Mostly young girls will like to wear it. You can give this as a gift . You can use it in a party or on another function.

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