Yorkshire Terrier baby

Yorkshire Terrier Small Breeds:

Yorkshire Terrier is a small breed of dogs which can be used for the turning off the foxes from their lairs. They are small in size known as toy-sized dogs breed. Yorkshire Terrier was discovered in 19th century in Yorkshire country England. This breed of dogs also work for catching the rats by hunt.

Black Nose Yorkshire Terrier:

This dog have a flat shape head with medium sized muzzle. All Yorkshire Terrier have black nose. They live with you friendly they don’t care that your family is depend about how many members. They simply adjust with you but they feel angry with wet things and like to live in beautiful and clean places. Terrier can live with you about 1 to 16 years but they must handle by keeping care.

Yorkshire Terrier coloring

Yorkshire Terrier face

Yorkshire Terrier skin and shades

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