brown Affenpinscher

Small Breed Affenpinscher Dog:

Affenpinscher is a small breed of dogs and Affenpinscher are discovered by the scientist in 16th century in Germany. They are refereed to the toy or monkey dog due to their appearance before us. Remember a Affenpinscher puppy will give you more attention as a friend when you feel alone They mostly love to watch decent types of entertainments.

German Breed Of Monkey Dogs:

They found in colors of black, brown, tan and silver. Affenpinscher Are known as the germen’s breed of monkey dogs and found mostly in 9 to 11.5 height. Be aware about their character and care of their hair. If you are adopting any Affenpinscher dog so try to keep him clean because they don’t like wet places and they have common sense about the dry and wet difference.
Affenpinscher dog

Affenpinscher images

Affenpinscher picture

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