Gently wash your face

Clean and neat skin is a symbol of real beauty and attract people towards you clear skin having it own charm and biggest problem which seems to be very common now a days is acne. Mostly teenagers face this problem it is because of hormones changes but adult and older age persons also face acne problem. Here I will tell you that how can you breakdown of acne. Acne free skin look very well and fresh for having glowing skin Follow my instructions which are given below:

1_ Gently wash your face:

You have acne or not but you have keep clean your face this is first duty of you to wash your face gently twice a day. If you have acne then you should use acne face wash or acne soap it helps you to breakdown of acne. Regularly wash your face because it removes dead cells ‘ impurities and dust from your skin and more chances it will stop acne to improve because it also remove extra oil from your skin. Dirty skin always having many problems such as acne so if you don’t want acne on your face then daily wash your face. Take some face wash on your finger and moving them in circular after 2-3 minutes rinse well and dry with towel or tissue if you have acne problem try to dry your face in air. Don’t do mistake of rubbing your face with towel it can harsh your skin and can damage your skin.

Gently wash your face 1

2_ Moisturize your skin:

The products you use to for acne can dry your skin and can make your skin frizzy and harsh which can snatch the glow of skin and left a rude skin which looks so bad and ugly. So always use a good moisturizer for keeping the glow and shine of your skin because harsh skin produce more problems with acne. In market there are different types of moisturizer for every skin type normal’ dry and oily. So choose a moisturizer according to your skin and apply it on whole face after a wash massage it smoothly and softly without hurting pimples and absorb all the moisturize in the skin. You will get a smooth skin which help you to breakdown of acne.

Moisturize your skin

3_ Cleansing for breakdown of acne:

Pimples look so ugly and unlike it decrease the beauty of face and make you depressed acne not only damage your skin it also give you mentally stress. If you keep your skin impurities free then no skin infection can affect on your skin. Try to do cleansing regularly or twice in a week it remove oil from the surface of your skin and remove dead skin and dust from the depth which cause acne. So always keep your face clean by deep cleansing you can use cleansing milk or cleansing cream for this purpose apply cleanser on your face and massage with soft hands keep massage your face till 15-20 minutes then clean your face with wet tissue and rinse well. Then dry your skin with soft towel and apply moisturizer. Try to use acne cleanser.

Cleansing for breakdown of acne

4_ use sunscreen regularly:

By the usage of acne products your skin can become more sensitive to the ultraviolet rays. Sun rays can cause redness and irritation on your face which not good for acne skin. So always protect your skin from these dangerous rays because it can increase the acne problem and even can lead this to cancer. So always use sunscreen SPF 20-45 which having label of noncomprehending which means this product don’t cause acne apply screen before 20 minutes of going outside from home. And wear sunglasses manufacture by sun protective material. Wear hat to protect ears face and neck wear dresses of full sleeves these all instructions can save you from these dangerous rays.

use sunscreen regularly

5_ Don’t touch your face when you have acne:

Bacteria always spread by touching so don’t touch your defected skin with your hands it spread infection very fast. And don’t pop pimples with fingers it can increase the acne problem on your skin. Always use tissue to clean your face because hands are one and only part which touch whole body so keep it clean firstly wash your hands then your face. Because dirty and infected hands can affect your skin. So always take care of your hands and if you have acne problems cut your nails firstly because its harmful for your skin.

Don't touch your face when you have acne

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