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Most spreading disease is acne which infected teenagers very fast. And because of ultraviolet rays peoples having skin infections and other problems of skin in all the matters face skin having pimples which looks so ugly and unlike for protecting yourself you should follow some instructions and best way to get free from this harmful acne is “acne facial” you should get sittings of facials till you don’t get clean and glowing face it way takes times but definitely give very good result so here I will tell you that how can you do acne facial for removing pimples from your face. Just follow it and get a natural clean face by acne facial.

Cleansing for acne skin:

You have to chose cleanser which especially manufacture for acne skin wash your face with acne face wash and dry it with soft towel then apply cleanser on your face and move in circular motion do it with soft handed because it can not cause pain. It will remove the all dust from your skin and leave a clean face. There are ingredients in the cleanser which breakdown the acne and try to recover your natural skin

Cleansing for acne skin (2)

Exfoliating of acne skin:

Best way to keep your skin clean and acne free exfoliate all the dust and impurities from your skin which cause acne and other skin problems. Do you must have to exfoliate your face skin twice in a week. Because scrubbing remove dead skin which is top layer of skin made by dust and extra oil by scrubbing you can get a dust & oil free skin. Take scrub and apply it on face move in rotate motion and don’t use harsh scrub in acne skin because acne skin is more sensitive than normal skin. Rinse out with fresh water and towel dry your skin softly.

Exfoliating of acne skin

Extractions of acne skin:

Its very best but painful step of acne facial but it works very well it recover your skin very fast. In this process a tool use to excrete all the bacteria ‘ puss and blood from pimple this tool called “extractor” mostly it use on the upcoming pimples. It deeply clean your skin and made your skin acne & impurities free. But this process only can done by experts because inexperience can damage your skin. So take care about this step when you are going to do this.

extraction of acen skin

Moisturizing of acne skin:

By cleansing ‘ exfoliating and extraction skin become very dry and sometime harsh extraction can rash on your skin or radish so for becoming your skin normal you have to moisturize your skin with acne moisturizer it will balance your skin in a good way. Because dry skin of acne can cause pain which hurts you so never forget to moisturize your skin. Take moisturizer and apply it on whole face and absorb it in your skin it will Aldo bring shine and glow on your face and make your skin smooth.

Woman applying moisturizer cream on face. Close-up fresh woman face.
Acne mask:

After a long process bores open up and dust can easily enter in the pores and can cause more acne and skin problems so you have close pores of your skin after facial for this purpose applying mask is a best way to keep your pores close. Try to use acne mask which also help for the break down of acne. Take mask and apply it on whole face let it be dry after 15-20 minutes rinse well with fresh water and dry with clean soft towel you will get a relax and clean skin.

Cosmetician applying facial beauty mask for young beautiful woman at spa salon

Cosmetician applying facial beauty mask for young beautiful woman at spa salon

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