budy sucrab for bridal

Body scrub for bridal:

Every girl desire to look most beautiful girl in the world and she have to care about herself for looking adorable and perfect you only not have to work on your face you should have to work on whole body before your wedding and it can be only done by deep cleansing by scrub it will give you smooth and beautiful skin. So here I will tell you how can you make your skin glowing and clean BG scrubbing :

Face scrub for bridal:

• first of all we talk about face which us representative part of your body and attract people towards you so you have keep your face neat and clean and for this purpose you can use scrub it will exfoliate all the impurities from your skin and left a clean and marvelously glowing skin. But you have to use soft scrub by Soft hand because skin of face is more sensitive than other part and hard scrub can harsh your skin. So always do softly. Take scrub on your finger and do massage on your face in circular motion it will remove all the dust from your face in few minutes then rinse well and dry your face with towel.

Face scrub for bridal

Hand scrubbing for bridal:

On a wedding event hands play a important role because by wearing ring this ceremony become completed so must have beautiful and amazingly soft and clean hand so that your groom love to hold it. By doing work hands become stuffy and ugly by scrubbing you can make your hand soft and clean scrubbing also fair the color and enhance the charm of your hands. So take little bit hard scrub and massage your hands finely do it for 20-30 minutes properly till you feel that now your hand become impurities free then rinse out the product and dry your hands with towel. If you have clean hands just do it twice in a week and if you have ugly dirty hands do it regularly till your wedding.

hand scurabing for bridal

Bridal foot scrub:

Sometime because of carelessness our foot become ugly and dirty and hard which doesn’t look nice as you know well that on wedding you have to look perfect in all ways so here I will tell you that how can you make your foots fair’ soft and beautiful. Skin of foot is very hard than other parts of body so use hardest scrub on your foot even during pedicure it will make your foot soft and eye-catching. Apply scrub on your foot and massage it very well it will take more time specially massage on the dark areas like ankle after 30 minutes rinse well the scrub with fresh water and dry your foot with towel you will have adorable ‘ clean ‘ soft and glowing foot.

foot scurab for bridal

Bridal scrub before bath:

If you want a beautiful and impurities free skin then you should use scrub on your body before bath it will hive you a clean skin and it matter in wedding. So make your skin impurities free with scrub before bath twice in a week. Arrange a bath then take scrub and apply it whole body and start massage if your body do how much you can do but if you have sensitive skin then you should be soft handed on your skin otherwise it can cause rash on your skin which is not good for you. When you done your massage take bath properly. You will have a smooth ‘ neat and beautiful skin .

bridal scurb befor bath

Moisturizer after scrub for bridal:

Scrubbing remove all the impurities and dust from your skin and it also removes oil from your skin and left your body dry and in the other case if you get harsh skin after scrubbing then you can make your skin fine by moisturizing it makes your skin glowing and shiny. So after scrub mostly moisturize your skin with good moisturizer try to use fruity moisturizer which having natural ingredients. After scrubbing apply moisturizer on your skin on which part you done scrubbing massage in rotate motion and absorb all the moisturizer in your skin after this you will have a glowing shiny and beautiful skin.

Moisturiser after scrub for bridal


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