hair care

Beautiful hairs groom your personality in a great way if you are suffering from hair fall or any other hair problem then you should follow some tips which are given below:

Hairs care with egg:

The best way to make your hairs silky and shiny you should use egg for your hair treatment egg having proteins and our hairs also made of proteins and it works well for your hairs. If you are suffering from any kind of hair fall or other hair infection then you should use egg. Its very easy to use beat egg in a bowl and apply it in a roots and on whole head leave it for one hour then wash with a perfume free shampoo you will get silky smooth hairs in few weeks.

Hairs care with egg

Hairs care with Mayonnaise:

Mayonnaise is useful for hairs it boosts your hairs and makes them infection free which groom the hair beauty and help them to grow well. First of all take 1-2 cups of Mayonnaise and beat it well then apply it on hairs and especially in roots let it be relax for good result use warm Mayonnaise after application wear a cap on head after 1 hour wash your hairs with warm water then towel dry your hairs you will be see conditioner hairs.

Hairs care with Mayonnaise

Hairs care with Beer:

Beer is a greatest way to improve the silkiness of your hairs if you want to see your hairs healthy then you have to follow this awesome tips for hair care. Beer make your hairs shiny and beautiful first of all wash your hairs with shampoo and then pour beer in your hairs let it be free for few minutes and rinse well do them towel dry you will be very pleased to see the result.

Hairs care with Beer

Hairs care with Rosemary Oil:

Do you suffering from hair fall and worried because of this then take a look on this article in which I am telling you that how can you keep your hairs healthy. Massage with Rosemary Oil is very useful do massage of Rosemary Oil. Add few drops of Rosemary Oil in your regular oil and scalp massage will be very useful for you. Another way to use Rosemary Oil is you can add few drops of Rosemary Oil in your shampoo and take a shower with it. Third way to get benefit from Rosemary Oil is you can rinse your hairs with Rosemary Oil. Add some drops of Rosemary Oil in water and boil water greatly. Let water cold then rinse your hairs with this water it is very healthful for your hairs.

Hairs care with Rosemary Oil

Hairs care with Yogurt:

As we know that our hairs made of proteins and yogurt contain a lot of proteins and vitamin and its useful to eat but it gives double result when you apply it on your hairs. It boosts volume in your hairs. You can use yogurt in different ways. Take yogurt and apply it in hairs after one hour rinse your hairs with fresh water your hairs will be silky and awesome.

Hairs care with Yogurt

Hairs care with Vinegar Solution:

If you have a lot of dandruff in your hairs then you should follow this tip. Take a cup of vinegar and two cup of water and mix it together it will make a solution. Then wash your hair with shampoo then rinse your hairs with this solution let it be in your in hairs till next wash. It will totally remove your dandruff.

Hairs care with Vinegar Solution

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