Bridal wax

Preparations of a bridal can never be ended because she have to take many services for looking “one in a million” she have to choose best wedding attire ‘ jewellery and many salon services like facial’ threading ‘ coloring and waxing. So here we will talk about waxing of a bridal. Waxing is necessary to look clean and beautiful because hairs on body look very dirty and ugly so you don’t have to give chance to your groom to get upset because beautiful and smooth skin always attract the opposite gender. For removing hairs there are various ways like waxing ‘ threading ‘ sugaring ‘ twee zing and platting devices.

Bridal Waxing:

Waxing is a best way to remove hairs from body is a particularly amazing process because it through hairs from the depth of skin and hairs take time to grow again you should wax your hairs after a 3-4 weeks because long hairs remove well than short hairs. And if you want to wax your body on your wedding than do it 1-2 days before your wedding because wax can rash your skin and in two days it can be recover. Always do wax very carefully and if you are a bridal and want a body wax than concern with a expert don’t do it by you. There are different types of wax available in market with different flavors for different kind of skin.

Bridal waxingHard wax for bridal:

It is a awesome type of wax which remove hairs from the root and never leave a single hair on your body you just have to do it expertly. Now its time to tell you that how can you do wax.. Firstly hot the wax in heater then apply it on require area of body and let it be dry then yanked off the skin with the help of fingers wax will removes your hairs only not your skin. Yanked off the wax to the opposite direction of hairs it will give you good result .

Hard wax for bridal

Soft wax for bridal:

If your skin is sensitive and you can’t bear the hard wax on your body then soft wax is better option for you. And soft wax mostly use for bridal body wax because hard wax take too much time and difficult to do on whole body so at that time when you want body wax soft wax Is best opinion for you. Soft wax also known as strip wax because it is done by non-woven strip. First of all heated the wax when it get texture like honey thinly apply it on body then apply strip after 1-2 minutes remove strip all the hairs will come with this strip and you will get a silky smooth skin.

Soft wax for bridal

Sugar wax for bridal:

If you want a homemade wax with natural ingredients then sugar wax is good option for wax its a very old way to remove hairs from your skin it is very good and better for your skin and you can made it easily at home. There are two kind of sugar wax but both having same formula buy different process. Heat sugar and water together and heated it till you want your desirable thickness of wax first kind of wax if you wanna do then it should be thin and add some drops of lemon in it then apply it on body as soft wax and apply strip on it pull away strip heirs will be with strips. Second option is heat sugar till it become thick then add lem juice in it apply it on required area and allow to dry like hard wax pull wax with fingers hairs will be removed awesomely you should try this on your wedding.

Suger wax

After wax moisturizing lotion:

Wax not only removes your hairs it also remove dead layer of your skin and dust and impurities it left a dry and may be rash skin so you should use after wax lotion on your wax area after waxing. It will solve the problems which have been done during waxing.

After wax moisturising lotion

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