hair perms and relaxing

Hair perms and relaxing:

Hair style play a important rule in your look so you have to choose hairstyle according to your look the people who has broad face should be having straight hairs but if you having curly hairs naturally then don’t worry you can get straight hairs by relaxing also known as rebounding. It is known as rebounding because in this process chemical break bounds of hairs and make new bonds so that it is known as rebounding. A expert can do it at salon you can also do it at home by relaxing home kits. It takes 3-4 hours to do actually it depends on your hair’s length. In this process first of all a product apply on hairs for breaking bounds it take 30-40 minutes then product rinse well after this a single hair straight well by straighter. Then a product called fixer apply on hairs foe fixing the straight hairs for long time.

But the people having straight hairs but like perms they can also adopt this hairstyle. Perms looks so cute and pretty and there are many ways to do perms some are chemical process and some are common ways to do perms. Hairs perms including small curls which can short your hairs length but you don’t need to worry because perms look very well. First of all wash your hairs with shampoo then apply petroleum jelly on all hairs after this apply perming lotion on all hairs then bend hairs lock into the rods 1-2 hours wash your hairs then towel dry your hairs you will get amazing perms.

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Beauty guide to cleansing:

Neat & clean skin always attract the people and if you want clean skin then you should do cleansing regularly at least twice a week because by cleansing you can remove dust and impurities from the depth of your skin which cause pimple and skin infection and also dull the skin tone of your face cleansing is a best way to keep your skin beautiful and fresh you can do cleansing with kitchen ingredients which you us daily and you can get it easily anyhow you can do cleansing by some product known as cleanser. Best way to do cleansing apply cleanser on your face then do cleansing rotate your fingers in circular motion do his 10-15 minutes then wash your face with fresh water. By regular use you can get very clean skin.

Beauty guide to cleansing

Toning and moisturizing:

After cleansing you have to use toner because toner removes remaining dust and cleanser from the pores it is very necessary to use because it clean your skin properly and leave no dust particles in your skin. There are many types of toners available in market of different flavors. Toner contain small amount of alcohol water and other ingredients in it. Toners are available for every skin type dry ‘ oily ‘ normal its very easy to use take some cotton and wet with toner then apply toner on face with the help of cotton. Its very useful and amazing for your skin.

Toning and moisturizing

After cleansing and toning your skin get dry or might be having rash so for this purpose you have to moisturize your skin with great moisturizer it give shine and glow to your skin and best way to keep your skin normal if you have dry skin. It is very important part of skin facial. Take some moisturizer and apply it on face then start massage in circular motion do this 10-15 minutes it relax your skin and give you mentally relaxation .

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